About Access Space

Access Space is a registered charity based in Sheffield city centre. Thousands of people participate every year, of all ages, from every part of the city, and beyond. We aim to inspire people from all walks of life to do new creative things. We aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them to get out of their comfort zone in a supportive environment: to learn, to create, to gain confidence.

We offer a free, open access digital media lab which has been running for 14 years; a fabrication laboratory, Refab Space, offering a HackSpace, laser-cutting tools and other digital manufacturing tools; computer recycling and building based on free and open source software; and an arts programme providing inspiring activities such as workshops using the latest creative software, exhibitions and installations, performance events and artist residencies.

Access Space is an inclusive environment. As well as working with artists, academics, creative technologists, programmers, other professionals and students, 50% of the people participating in Access Space’s activities are people in danger of exclusion and on the margins of society, including: people with disabilities, homeless people, ex-offenders, asylum seekers, refugees and people with mental health issues. Through Refab Space, Access Space engages with entrepreneurs, of all ages, as well, encouraging and helping new business startups.

One of the strengths of Access Space is that it brings people from different backgrounds together.

Please tell people you know about this event to help us raise donations to keep Access Space open.

Thank you!

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